When a trust is formed, the trustee manages the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries. The vast majority of trustees prudently manage trust assets and perform their duties with the highest degree of care. In certain instances, however, beneficiaries may have reason to believe that the trustee is not adequately performing his or her duties.

If you are the beneficiary to a trust, you may have concerns as to how the trust is being managed. By working closely with an experienced lawyer, you will understand your rights and protect trust assets. At the Black Law Firm, we serve beneficiaries across Houston and Texas. Led by attorney Ray J. Black Jr. we provide knowledgeable, skilled representation in these complex matters.

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As a beneficiary, you have many rights, including:

  • The right to an accounting
  • The right to inspect trust records
  • The right to be informed about information that might impact your beneficiary rights

We can work with you to get the information you need to understand how your trust is being managed. If there is evidence to show that the trustee mishandled trust assets or violated his or her fiduciary duty, we will be prepared to bring a lawsuit against the trustee. Potentially, your remedies could include removal of the trustee and financial damages. Our law firm has successfully litigated many probate disputes over our history, and will be ready to present the strongest possible case should litigation be necessary.

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