When someone has a valid will upon death, this document will determine exactly how the deceased's assets should be distributed. Many people, however, do not die with a will. In these situations, the deceased's assets will be distributed according to what is known as the intestacy process. In Texas, the intestacy process is governed by the Texas Probate Code, and acts as a default method of determining heirship. If you have reason to believe you are an heir to the estate of someone who died without a will, a lawyer can be an invaluable ally.

For years, attorney Ray Black of the Black Law Firm has represented clients across Houston in intestacy and heirship determinations. We recognize the complexity of these issues and will work tirelessly to help you through this challenging time.

Handling Heirship Proceedings In Sugar Land, Houston And Beyond

An heirship proceeding may be required to declare the heirs of the estate. Generally, an heirship proceeding is necessary when there is no will, or when a will does not designate the disposal of all estate assets. In certain instances, an heirship proceeding may not be necessary. An affidavit of heirship or a small estate affidavit may be sufficient to help you prove your heirship and recover an inheritance. If necessary, our law firm can also administer an estate alongside an heirship proceeding. With nearly two decades of experience, our attorney will strive to accomplish your goals with the minimum amount of uncertainty.

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