The probate process in Texas is intended to run smoothly and relatively quickly. With this said, a lawyer can still provide significant benefits to individuals chosen to guide an estate through this process. Houston probate attorney Ray J. Black Jr., along with our staff, we at the Black law Firm, represent executors, administrators and personal representatives. We represent clients in both independent and dependant administrations, and fully understand the legal consequences of every course of action.

Regardless of your needs you can rely on our law firm to navigate the probate process as efficiently as possible. At the Black Law Firm, we serve people with both extensive and relatively few assets. Under Texas law, if your loved one died with fewer than $50,000 in assets, not including exempt and homestead property, a small estate affidavit may help to speed up the probate process.

Trust Administration Attorney Serving Clients In Sugar Land, Houston And Beyond

In certain situations, a trust will allow an individual to transfer assets to loved ones while bypassing the probate process. The trustee will be tasked with a number of duties, which include:

  • Notifying creditors
  • Paying any valid taxes, debts or other expenses
  • Distributing trust assets in accordance with the terms of the trust

Frequently, banks or trust companies fill the role of trustee, although individuals may also serve as trustee. In either event, a lawyer can provide invaluable assistance during this time. Our law firm helps both individual and corporate trustees comply with all applicable laws and uphold their fiduciary duties.

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