Older people should be appreciated for their wisdom and experience. Unfortunately, too many people look at the elderly and see only dollar signs. Whether done by a relative or someone else, financial exploitation of the elderly is a serious matter. These acts can involve outright theft, falsifying a will, power of attorney or other estate planning instrument. Financial abuse could also involve coercing an elderly person to change his or her will. If you have reason to believe that your parent or another relative is being exploited financially, a lawyer can be an invaluable ally.

At the Black Law Firm, we litigate all types of fiduciary and probate disputes. Based in Houston, elder financial abuse attorney Ray J. Black Jr. and our staff will work tirelessly to seek a just outcome in your case.

Stopping Elder Financial Exploitation Throughout Texas

Elder financial abuse generally happens under one of two circumstances. One situation involves a son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter taking advantage of the elderly person. In other situations, a predator or scam artist will ingratiate him or herself into the life of an elderly person. After gaining this trust, the predator will then steal from the elderly person or take steps to have them named in the elderly person's will.

In some cases, such as when an elderly person does not have full mental capacity, issues such as undue influence or competency will come into play. In other situations, a trustee may breach his or her fiduciary duty by misappropriating funds or otherwise mismanaging the proceeds of a trust. Whatever your case involves, our team will fully investigate the circumstances in order to determine exactly what happened. Having litigated a number of these cases previously, we understand how to prepare an effective strategy aimed at achieving success in litigation.

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