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Experienced Representation in Guardianship Matters

Guardianships can be necessary for minors or adult individuals who, because of a physical or mental disability, are rendered incapable of taking care of themselves or their property. If you know of someone who is unable to make financial or legal decisions, or you need to protect the interests of a minor child, a legal guardianship can give you authority to act on their behalf. To help assist you with the guardianship process, you want an attorney with experience and who knows the law and the process.

At the Black Law Firm, our attorneys have been advising clients throughout the greater Houston area for over 15 years on guardianship matters. We will guide you through establishing a guardianship and administering a guardianship estate from beginning to end. Because guardianships are court-supervised, we will assist you in wading through and complying with the myriad of statues and rules that govern a guardian's actions.

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Our Guardianship Practice

We work with individuals at all stages of the guardianship process, whether you are considering applying for a guardianship or are involved in a dispute over an existing guardianship arrangement. We handle all matters involved in the process, including:

  • Helping you prepare and file all documentation required to establish a guardianship
  • Working with you to get the necessary physical and mental health evaluations
  • Representing you in hearings to establish the special needs of the ward, as well as the need for a guardianship
  • Obtaining doctor's opinions regarding the level of capacity of a potential ward
  • Preparing accountings or investment plans if you are the guardian of an estate
  • Advising you regarding actions you can take on behalf of your ward
  • Protecting your rights in litigation involving a guardianship
  • Providing documentation to establish your qualifications as a guardian

Because our attorneys have served as guardians, and have successfully assisted many clients set up guardianships, we have personal experience that we can share with you. We will educate you on what to expect during the guardianship process and how to anticipate and overcome any obstacles during that process. While most guardianships are routine, should your case become contested, we have the knowledge, skill and expertise to handle any related litigation.

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