When an individual lacks competency to manage his or her affairs, it will be necessary to establish a guardianship. When family members agree on the necessity of a guardianship, creating a guardianship is a relatively straightforward matter. When family members disagree on the need for a guardianship or if family members disagree on who should serve as guardian, these issues can be especially complex. Guardianship disputes require a qualified, skilled lawyer. With almost 20 years of focused experience, Houston guardianship litigation attorney Ray J. Black Jr. of the Black Law Firm has successfully represented numerous clients in these matters.

Taking Decisive Action In Guardianship Litigation

The biggest issue in guardianship litigation is whether the person is mentally competent. In many instances, incapacitated adults suffered from dementia, Alzheimer's or some other condition may simply need a guardian. Our law firm can compile all of the evidence to show that the person lacks capacity to make decisions for him or herself. The testimony of doctors and other medical experts may be necessary to prove this fact. At the Black Law Firm, we often work with experts and understand how to best support your case.

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Guardianship disputes may bring longstanding emotional and family issues to the forefront. At the Black Law Firm, while we are sensitive to these issues, we are also fully committed to developing the best possible solution to your dispute. Whether you believe a guardianship is warranted, or if you oppose such a step, our law firm has the legal, procedural and strategic experience you need to accomplish your goals.

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