When an estate planning instrument is poorly drafted or contradictory, multiple parties may feel as though they have a viable claim to an estate's assets. Language in a will or trust that could have multiple interpretations can lead to will construction or trust reformation disputes, respectively. These matters are exceedingly complex and require the services of an experienced lawyer.

For years, people facing estate litigation have placed their trust in the Black Law Firm. Our law firm is led by Houston will construction attorney Ray J. Black Jr., who devotes a significant portion of his practice to all types of probate and fiduciary litigation. With nearly two decades of experience, Ray has successfully guided clients through all types of disputes.

Resolving Trust Reformation And Will Construction Disputes For Clients Across Texas

In a will construction case, determining the intent of the deceased and how he or she wished to distribute his or her assets is the key issue. Our law firm will work diligently to gather all evidence in support of your position, while skillfully arguing your position in negotiations and litigation. In certain situations, a trust may need to be reformed to accurately reflect the intent of the settlor. Whether you believe a trust needs to be reformed or whether you disagree such a step is warranted, we will take effective action geared toward proving your position.

As these disputes tend to arise between family members, there is definitely an emotional aspect to many of these cases. We are mindful of these issues while making it our first priority to achieve a positive outcome in a cost-efficient manner.

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