Ideally, a will or trust will leave no question as to who receives which assets. Ideally, there will be no questions whether the deceased was of sound mind when he or she created a will or trust. The reality can be very different, unfortunately. There are many different reasons why someone could question the validity of a will or trust. In any of these situations, an experienced probate litigation lawyer can provide valuable assistance.

For nearly two decades, Ray J. Black Jr. of the Black Law Firm has represented clients across Texas in all types of probate litigation. Based in Houston, our will contest attorney represents beneficiaries, executors and administrators in these cases.

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A will may be contested for different reasons. For example, if the decedent lacked mental capacity when he or she executed the will, the will could be declared invalid. A common issue in will contests is the issue of undue influence. Undue influence claims can occur when a caretaker, relative or other person is accused of taking advantage of the deceased and causing him or her to change his or her will. Our law firm has challenged wills and defended clients against will contests. In either situation, our law firm will spare no effort to protect your rights.

Trust Contest Attorney Serving Sugar Land, Houston And Beyond

The legitimacy of a trust can be challenged in a number of ways. For example, if the person who established the trust, known as the settlor, lacks the necessary mental capacity to do so, the trust could be invalidated. Real or alleged undue influence can also lead to trust contests. At the Black Law Firm, we effectively represent both trust beneficiaries and trustees in trust contests. You can rely on our law firm to fully investigate the facts of your case and prepare strong arguments in support of your position.

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