Disputes involving guardianships, probate and trust issues can present challenging legal issues. As these disputes frequently involve family members, estate and fiduciary litigation has an emotional component not generally found in other areas of the law. For this and other reasons, mediation can be a sound means of dispute resolution in these cases.

Every lawyer recognizes the benefits of mediation when compared with litigation. Unlike court proceedings, mediation is not a matter of public record. In addition, mediation is generally less expensive than protracted litigation. Perhaps most importantly, mediation does not place the outcome of the dispute in the hands of a judge. Houston probate mediator Ray J. Black Jr. of the Black Law Firm mediates the whole range of probate, trust and guardianship matters for parties across Southeast Texas.

Helping Parties To Probate Disputes Reach Fair Outcomes

Ray Black has practiced law since 1994. As an attorney, he has devoted the entirety of his practice to estate and fiduciary litigation, estate administration, estate planning guardianships. As such, he brings the insight and understanding necessary to be an asset in any mediation. He can help parties understand their options and how a court is likely to view their position. His approach helps the parties forge a consensus on issues and work toward a resolution that all parties can live with.

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